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About us

Chef Huy - As a first-generation Vietnamese-American learning Japanese Cuisine, he was already at a disadvantage. His mother has owned multiple businesses, one of which was a Vietnamese restaurant. At the time, he was 10 years old and that's when his love for food started. Learning Vietnamese Cuisine at a very young age paved his future work ethic for any Asian cuisine, as it's tedious in their preparation, even for a single fish. At age 16, he fell in love with Japanese cuisine when he started in a micro-cosmic Japanese kitchen at Cafe Zen. Since then, he has tried to soak up all the knowledge from all the establishments he has worked at. His passion led him into diving in to learn more in books, online content, and life. Currently, he has the honor to work with all Japanese sushi chefs at ShoGun where authentic cuisine is served. Even through years of experience, he won't be as great as an authentic Japanese Chef living in Japan. But it's understandable... the culture, the lifestyle, the language... it bleeds in their blood.