Omakase translates to "I'll leave it up to you." It means to entrust yourself to the chef. You are literally placing the choice of ingredients and presentations in the hand of the sushi chef, the itamae, who will use his growing knowledge and creativity to create his best experience.

We offer a 12-course tasting ranging in price of $170-185 per person subtotal; a single Omakase is ~$200. We will serve soup, appetizer, and a couple of small plate specials before diving into the nigiri-based omakase with a progression of light to heavier fish and flavors. Please note: we serve wagyu, uni, sweet shrimp, clams, scallop, foie gras on a regular basis.

It is a course/tasting menu that usually consists of the best of what we have, as well as seasonal sushi and sashimi. Many of the fish in Japan is purchased from Toyosu Market, arguably the most famous place for purchasing the freshest and most delicious seafood in Japan.

Reservations are available on RESY. Please follow the guidelines below before reserving:

  1. NOT available after 8:15PM.

  2. Please request for Omakase in the notes of your reservation for however many guests. (e.g. Omakase for 2/Omakase x2)

  3. If there is no prior communication about this preference, we cannot guarantee Omakase.

  4. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee Omakase as we are often fully committed and need to respect everyone's time.

  5. We have 2 seating options: Handroll Bar or Table. The difference is at the handroll bar, the very sushi chefs who are making your order will also serve you versus a server at a table.

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We cannot accommodate to any dietary restrictions; this includes vegetarian guests, guests who are allergic to shellfish, guests with soy allergies, or guests who do not wish to eat rice or wasabi. We cannot accommodate requests to omit certain fish for preferential reasons, nor can we cook fish or shellfish that is intended to be eaten raw. We cannot accommodate any changes to our dishes or provide any substitutions. If a guest prefers not to eat a dish for any reason, including dietary restrictions or personal preference, they can simply ask to be skipped for that course; the price of the meal will not be adjusted.

If any of these conflicts with your certain dietary restrictions, please order à la carte.